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This area has many deforested, highly endangered areas. In order to ensure the conservation of this cloud forest, it is essential to think about extending the protected area, to stop its progressive degradation and to restore the cloud forest. On the other hand, the creation of interconnected corridors for animals is also essential.

The Los Yaltes ecological reserve is located between the towns of Chalguayacu Alto and Chontal Alto. Local communities are not nearby and are isolated as well as some landowners.

The local population will not be directly involved in the management of the reserve, although the operation and fulfillment of the objectives of this cannot be done without direct interaction with these communities.

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A first component on the interaction of local communities is their participation in the different stages of development of the project. They can be hired for the following activities:

  • Kitchen for biologists and visitors

  • Gardening

  • Employees of the reserve

  • Guide for biologists and visitors

  • Manpower for the reforestation project. Necessary labor is usually important and repeated over time.

  • Generation of community microenterprises complementary to the macro ecotourism project

A second component of integrating the local population into the project would be to raise awareness of the importance of preserving this ecosystem through information meetings, training workshops or for the dissemination of alternative forms of economic development respectful of cloud forests (eco-tourism, agro-forestry).
More than the concept of dev

elopment, this project promotes the level of awareness and protection that are essential for the maintenance of the cloud forest and the long-term improvement of the living conditions of the people living in its area of influence.

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