In order to consider a short, meddle and long term preservation of this ecosystem, to extend the area covered by the reserve, is a priority of the project.

In fact, this region has many deforested areas, our reserve has at the moment only a small part. In order to ensure the conservation of this "cloud forest" it is essential to think about expanding the ecological reserve area, to stop deforestation and restore the "cloud forest" in this region. In addition, expanding the reserve will provide more opportunities for scientific research to be more attractive to ecotourism activity and thus represent a way to communicate more in the need for preservation.

The ecological reserve Los Yaltes is located between the towns of Chalguayacu Alto and Chontal Alto. Presence of local communities is limited nearby and are essentially isolated as well as some farm owners.

The local population is not directly involved in the management of the reserve, although the functioning and the fulfillment of the objectives of this cannot be done without direct interaction of the local communities.

A first component of the interaction of local communities is the hiring of these in the different stages of development of the project. These can be hired for the following activities:

  • Cooking for biologists and tourists

  • Guide for biologists and tourists

  • Station workers

  • Organic jardin

  • Work for the reforestation project, which is necessary important and repeated over time

  • Development of various locals micro-business complementary of the main project.


In the long term, the tourism activity of the reserve can lead to the development of tourism initiatives by the local communities, achieving an alliance between

these initiatives and the reserve for example; the reservation can provide these new initiatives in the  

programs of the tourists who come to visit the reserve. This partnership will be another opportunity for the economic development of the local population.  A second component of the integration of the local population into the project would be to raise awareness of the importance of preserving this ecosystem through explanatory meetings, the restoration of the reserve activities, through a visit to the sites of the reserve, or for the diffusion of alternative forms of economic development respectful of the cloud forest (ecological tourism, Agro forestry). The local population will be informed about the reasons for the preservation and restoration of the cloud forest, including economic benefits, which may provide services or alternative techniques to extend conservation beyond the limits of the reserve. 

Los Yaltes Reserve Project can offer the future economic development thanks to the contribution of the local population, but also the development of its initiative through the provision of a sustainable ecotourism business. Also, more than the notion of development, this project promotes awareness and protection that is essential for the maintenance of the cloud forest and the improvement of the long-term living conditions of local populations.