The "cloud forests" form a particular tropical ecosystem where clouds and mist cover the canopy most of the time. A great amount of water is captured by the forest, by condensation of drops on the leaves of the trees. This characteristic change between the sky and the forest influences the ecology of this ecosystem. There are few places where this balance is reached, which explains the very low percentage of "cloud forests" in the world, less than 4%.

The "cloud forests" have a rich native endemic biodiversity of the world. However, many of these forests remain poorly known such as the "cloud forest" of Los Yaltes.

These forests are important resources in times of drought because they are able to capture the last source of water, the clouds.







Several hectares of the "cloud forest" of the ecological reserve Los Yaltes have been degraded by deforestation, especially because of the pasture. These spaces, scattered within the 200 hectares of the reserve, represent approximately 25 hectares. These deforested areas are responsible for land damage, destruction of animal habitats and loss of biodiversity. Thus, the cloud forests provide water, their degradation can prevent people from water.

The reforestation program could be achieved by the "Framework" species method. Pioneer or executive species are native forest species that improve natural forest

regeneration and accelerate the recovery of biodiversity. In this process of reforestation, there are different sites that are organized by "stages of degradation", which go from the one containing the lowest to the highest degree.


In Los Yaltes, some sites require only protection, remove grass and application of organic fertilizers while others are dominated by the presence of weeds and the sources of regeneration is insufficient, a tree plantation is necessary.


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