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The world has its attention concentrated on the Amazon, and although it is something that does not detract from the interest of the world's population, cloud forests like the Los Yaltes Reserve are part of the 2.5 % of tropical forests that are considered valuable sources of water for the planet. Identifying and caring for them are part of the urgent exercise of environmental conservation at this time.


The cloud forest of Reserva Los Yaltes, located in the Chocó Andino region at the foot of the Toisán mountain range in northwest Ecuador, has a unique biodiversity and one of the highest endemisms in the world that provides scientific potential not yet explored. Currently it is possible to find pumas, coatis, ocelots or gray martens, more than 150 species of birds, different types of flowers and among them an innumerable list of species of orchids, bromeliads, as well as notable trees including the red Yalte and the white, the palmetto palm, the copal, the dragon's blood, and many medicinal plants.


The Los Yaltes reserve was born as the dream of French filmmaker Philippe Molins who, after many years of working in European television, decided to move to Ecuador to protect this cloud forest. He created the Los Yaltes Foundation in 2023 whose objective is to save the last cloud forests in this region.

With your contribution you can help us preserve the Los Yaltes cloud forest in Ecuador in the following ways:

  • Saving the forests neighboring the reserve in danger of deforestation.

  • Enabling reforestation plans for areas damaged by livestock and illegal logging in conjunction with the communities in the area.

  • Implementing scientific programs such as biodiversity census, studies of animals in danger of extinction, reintroduction of species, creation of mammal migration corridors, among others.

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